Petra Tools

Petra Trust is a corporate pensions trustee located in Ghana. I helped to design some of their in-house tools namely the Workflow Management System which handles a large part of the inflow of monthly statements from customers, and the Transfer Agency app, which processes and validates and tracks individual and corporate contributions.

Petra Trust
Design Lead, UX/UI Design
January 2017 — May 2017

Defining requirements

Data flows
1Modular data flows
Before getting into the intricacies of user stories, we broke the system up into modules and created glanceable reference sheets for each one, highlighting inputs, outputs, user and business goals, key edge cases and calls to action. These were particularly useful for validating our understanding of Petra’s business processes.
2Story wall
Requirements were further defined with user stories and prioritized into development sprints.

Look, feel and behaviour

3Style guide
Essential in establishing a consistent look and feel across both apps (and ostensibly, other apps in the future).
4Design principles
I also defined 3 design principles that guided our thinking on how the tools needed to behave for such a time-sensitive, data-intensive environment:
  1. Confluence: Wherever possible, bring disparate but related pieces of information together
  2. Passive Processing: Wherever possible, process information in the background without the user’s active involvement
  3. Anticipation: Wherever possible, anticipate the next step that the user will take
For the Transfer Agency app specifically, I added an additional principle of Low Density.

Workflow Management app

Transfer Agency app