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Prototyping the future of TV interfaces »
Prototyping the future of TV interfaces

MiViewTV is an IPTV application for Alcatel-Lucent that I was asked to redesign and prototype as part of the team at Experientia.

My role was in the development of concepts that fit the UI design language already established through Alcatel-Lucent's identity guidelines and existing mobile apps, followed by the Interaction Design of the screens according to the Information Architecture that had been defined, and finally in the development of the prototype with Flash®.

Client: Alcatel-Lucent Role: Interaction Designer and Developer Date: March 2011 – June 2011
Communicating the future of the creative office »
Communicating the future of the creative office

beta unopuntozero is an office furniture system, designed specifically for creative offices by Pierandrei Associati.

The success of the communication was very much contigent upon lockstep integration with the philosophy behind the design of the product itself, evident in its nature-inspired organic forms, implementation as a sustainable Product-Service System and its embrace of the creative office lifestyle.

We defined a comprehensive strategy in which we defined target users, design language, and a brand evolution for the client company, Tecno. This also included a set of design principles derived from the extensive research and product design work already done by the team, and functioned as a design brief under which we could streamline all design across the beta system, which (aside from the product itself) included catalogs, advertising, technical documentation and website.

A 270-page concept book expounding on beta as a philosophy and Pierandrei Associati's design process, from conceptualization to research to implementation. It was used as a sales and marketing tool, and as an accompaniment to the product itself.

beta won a Red Dot Design Award and a GOOD Design Award.

Client: Tecno s.p.a. Role: Brand, Communication and Interaction Designer, Developer Date: February 2009 – January 2010
Supporting Community Health Nurses in the field »
Supporting Community Health Nurses in the field

A redesigned User Interface for Grameen Foundation’s CHN On The Go. The app gives Community Health Nurses — focused on maternal, newborn and child health outcomes in rural areas — valuable information, training and motivation.

The new design provided navigational clarity through an improved Information Architecture, made useful tips more discoverable and provided a more attractive and professional package.

Client: Grameen Foundation Role: UX/UI Design Date: September 2014 – December 2014
Empowering cocoa farmers with Design Thinking »
Empowering cocoa farmers with Design Thinking

How can Design Thinking be used to empower people living in rural coca-farming communities? This is the question that the Chocolonely Foundation asked of us at The Cobalt Partners. In response we developed and implemented a program (dubbed ‘Designathon’) focused on equipping participants with skills that they can use to identify and address insights in their community.

By taking inspiration from various sources (including Jobs-To-Be-Done theory) and focusing on visual communication and hands-on making, participants were taken through a series of modules containing proverbs, anecdotes and challenges that taught Design Thinking fundamentals in a very non-traditional way. They undertook a number of projects to address various opportunities, ranging from how to transport water to their homes more efficiently to how to dry cocoa beans in 3 days instead of 6. We also defined (and refined) a framework for structuring the program and measuring success consisting of 8 core skills and outcomes, including Curiosity, Stick-to-it-iveness and Maker Mindset.

In all, over 30 participants were trained.

Client: Chocolonely Foundation Role: Project Lead, UX Designer Date: June 2017 — February 2018
Product strategy & capacity building at a fintech startup »
Product strategy & capacity building at a fintech startup

This project for an Accra-based fintech startup was dual-purpose. The first objective was to clarify and redefine the value proposition and communication strategies behind their product. The second was to build the UX capacity of the team.

Through a series of week-long research and design sprints, I led the team to interview potential customers, synthesize archetypes, define frameworks for prioritizing value propositions and feature sets, facilitate internal ideation sessions, test concepts as well as brand and communication strategies and perform usability tests. This led to a prototype of a new Minimum Viable Product that embodied a strategic recommendation for the team to build upon as well as several other recommendations.

Simultaneously, I trained and mentored the team — who worked closely with me throughout the process — to effectively conduct and synthesize interviews and usability tests in support of their own design and development process moving forward.

Client: An Accra-based fintech startup Role: Team Lead, UX Researcher, UX Designer Date: October 2017 — November 2017
Migrating business processes to new systems »
Migrating business processes to new systems

I led a team to help PEG Africa — Ghana's largest Pay-As-You-Go and off-grid solar company — successfully transition from one ERP system to another. Our research revealed the processes, tools, hiccups and opportunities at the different stages of the lifecycle.

We researched and modeled PEG’s entire service delivery process, identified the critical steps and dependencies, defined requirements and liaised with the software vendor in a Product Management capacity and finally, created an internal knowledge base for tools and processes.

Client: PEG Africa Role: Team Lead, Business Analyst, Product Manager Date: May 2017 – September 2017